Monday, February 22, 2010


These past days, I have been feeling restless and bored. Maybe, I just miss home. And my job too. I just miss having to wake up everyday for work. It's been a while since I was last employed and I still don't forget the feeling of having something to do that's fulfilling, at least, professionally. Actually, the very reason why I resigned has something to do with my personal life. It's a matter of priority as it was my choice. But in times like this, when I just have to stay in the house all day long, I couldn't help feeling nostalgic.

It's a bad thing that I couldn't apply for any job here. I just need to abide with the conditions of my visa. And I would jeopardize my husband's job if I insist getting a job.

I'll just have to wait for my time so I can work again. If it's not here, I know, it will be in a right place and time. For now, all I can do is be a supportive housewife.

I just wish we can have some time to unwind and relax. Maybe, if hubby can find time, we can go to the mall, since here, its the usual place to spend free time. I hope its already weekend.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I just can't help feeling more nostalgic because I know today is Valentine's Day and I couldn't see any traces of celebration in the surroundings. At least, I have my husband and my friends here with me. It's makes me less lonely. 

Thanks to our TFC here in Riyadh, I do have the window to the Philippines. At least we're able to know the latest news in the country. In fact, it's good to know that love is basically in the air. As usual, people are busy with various activities for Valentine's Day. Businesses are busy with their promos to attract more customers. Everybody is off for the celebration.

Thanks also to the modern technology. I'm able to reach and send greetings to all my love ones in different parts of the world. With just one click and a couple of seconds, my thoughts can reach them.

To all who are loved, who love, and in love, may love continues to show us its power and magic. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friends Forever

I just couldn't let this love month pass without making a post about these people who are very close to my heart. To be precise, these people were just classmates then. To me, they were just friends who were seen at school and didn't play important roles in my life at all.These has all changed because of a particular incident that happened way back on a sunny and busy day of February, 16 years ago.

I remembered that we didn't have any class that day so we agreed to enjoy by doing something that has violated the school's regulations. That harmless but mischievous action that we did that had been reprimanded by our teachers was actually a blessing in disguise. Until now, I'm forever grateful that it happened because it led us to form a bond that as strong as bonds between sisters.
I believe our friendship has started when we discovered that we have indeed many things in common. From then, we found activities that we all enjoyed and learned what we have to offer for each other - trust, loyalty, love and respect. Until now, I believe these values made us last this long.

Years have passed and we now have our own careers and families. And its good that we still find ways to be able to catch up with each others' lives. If we can find time, we always try to get together and renew our friendship.

We also have our share of misunderstandings and arguments. But thanks God, we always managed to resolve them as soon as possible.

For Melody, Catherine, Emma, Charmelyn, Emelie and Emalyn, I know we'll endure any trials that may come and test the strength of our bond. I just know we can because we have been already tested through time and space and we still survived. Happy 16th year of sisterhood and friendship. Friends forever.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Talk About Love

February always makes me appreciate love. Maybe its because I always see, hear and read things that pertain to love and the act of loving. Love is essentially in the air. Furthermore, in this particular month, I have learned to appreciate having someone to love and who loves me even more. Somehow, it is because my husband and I are celebrating valentine's day for the first time as a married couple.

Love indeed is the most amazing thing in the world. It actually comes in different faces and has been defined for countless times by different people. It is also popularly known to exist as platonic, romantic, erotic and religious. Well, for now I would like to tackle romantic love and define it as a powerful force that knows no boundary and conquers all obstacles. It often comes in the most unexpected way and time. People who are struck with this force usually become brave enough to risk and lose everything. Love generally has the tendency to control and dominate over mind making people sometimes fools that rush things just to make way for their emotions.

Despite of these, love still proves to be the greatest gift a person can give and receive. True love doesn't expect any payment in return and it just longs to give and make people happy.

Love doesn't entail any requirement that one should hardly work for. Maybe the best thing one should do is to continuously embrace love to stay in love. Thus, people who posses love are lucky creatures. As for me, I believe I'm lucky because I'm one of them.