Monday, April 19, 2010

Only in Saudi

Like any other women, I love gold jewelries and others made up of precious metals and stones. And if only I can afford to, I will buy as many as I can not only for my pleasure but also as an investment. Too bad, I'm not rich and my pocket is not overflowing with money. So for now I'm contented for whatever I have and I quench that lust for gold by just looking at them. lol!

I'm often fascinated and enticed by the jewelries for sale here. Even with their glimmering beauty and expensive value, they are carelessly displayed in glass cases without any metal barriers that will protect them from possible thieves. Likewise, jewelries that are generally composed of 18-21k gold are just hanged on the walls for buyers to have a closer and clearer view.

I have also noticed that jewelries here are for sale by weight and not by the gold composition. So if one decides to buy a 10 grams, 18k gold  rope necklace, it has the same price to that of the 10g, 21k gold  necklace of the same design. Likewise, prices highly depend on the vendor. So you just have to be diligent enough to look for the lowest price among the neighboring jewelry shops. Of course, in order to save money, you have to ask for discount. Anyway, since Filipinos are known for that , prices are always negotiable. It is also wise to buy gold when only few buyers are around so you can ask for big discounts. I believe those Arab vendors also aim for bigger sales. So when sales are low,they prefer to sell the item at a much lower price than to have no profit at all.