Sunday, April 18, 2010

My New Baby

I have been out of the circulation for a while because I don't have anything to use with. My hubby and I decided to sell my old notebook. Actually, it was already enough for me, but my husband insisted for a laptop because it has a much bigger screen. We also sold his old HP laptop which is almost 3 years old because it started to show signs of deterioration. The screen had repeatedly blacked out and when we had it repaired, the computer technician advised us to sell it before it can be totally useless.

After having much thoughts on what to buy, if either desktop or laptop, we decided to buy a laptop that we can use anytime and anywhere. Now, I got my brand new baby. As for hubby, he can buy later this year if I decide not to return here in Riyadh. At least, now I have something to use for my online activities.


  1. wowwwwwwwww! very nice! hope to have one someday. i have to earn first through blogging!!! hehehe! have a nice sunday!

  2. Congrats, dear! gosh... I opted to buy toshiba, because this is too expensive .... happy new! happy blogging na ...LOL.

    TV above my coffee
    The Cosmos
    Remains of the old Dabaw

  3. congrats to your new "baby", oh how I wish I can get one too. kaso my online earnings "nagastos na agad" before pa mawithdraw. :P

  4. that's a nice laptop jhown! use it well! :D

    i hope to buy my very own laptop to.. kelangan ko come september. ipon sa ko though.. hehe!