Sunday, January 31, 2010

Broken Bonds Can Still Be Mended

In life, it is often inevitable that you meet people who leave marks that would be remembered for a lifetime. Sometimes, these meetings lead to relationships, some good, some awful and some changes during the period. Similarities and compatibility often lead to friendships as hostility between two people arises due to some differences.

Friendship most likely results when two people find ways to enjoy each other’s company. From there, they begin to open up and discover each other’s life. Trust and respect are built on this process. Bonds are strengthened from shared effort.

True friends are actually angels in disguise for they help you in time of need and trouble. They serve as your conscience when you’re doing something that is not already right. Friends are actually essential ingredients in molding one’s personality.

Most likely, it is because of these why a broken and lost friendship really hurts. Actions that are either unintentional or deliberate such as betrayal, deception and dishonesty may actually lead two individuals to become sworn and best enemies. It is in this time that forgiveness is almost impossible. This is maybe due to the fact that pain and hurt are equally intense as the friendship itself.

But like any other processes in life, I believe all wounds are healed in time. Although scars will still be there, lost friendships can still be renewed. Two estranged individuals can still be friends and can still make up for the lost times.

What makes me an authority to tell these? I have also my share of broken and renewed relationships. In the end, these experiences made me more mature and taught me the realities of life. I believe that what is most important is when wounds are already healed, both parties are willing to forgive and forget.


  1. AMEN to that Jhown. Indeed, broken bonds can still be mended. And you have written it so well. You have indeed become more mature and I applaud you for having the strength to blog about it. God bless!

  2. wounds may heal, but the scars are still there.hope u forgive and forget.