Monday, January 18, 2010

Missing Them

Nothing is constant except change. That's so true and is applicable to almost everything. And change can be good too. But sometimes, I can't avoid to wish for some things to stay as they are. I wish people not to grow old and die, for us to stay with our love ones forever. I wish we can always stay with our family, just be near them even though we already have families of our own. But I know it can never be true for we have to undergo the very basic process life obliges us - change.

I miss my family, my parents and siblings. I wish things were different from what we are today, scattered in the different parts of the globe. But somehow, I'm happy to know that we are all happy being with our very own families. I just wish time and circumstances would allow us to be together once again even for just a brief time.

1 comment:

  1. hi jhown! i understand how you feel.. makamingaw jud ang ato mga families. pero cge lang, at least u will see ur parents and other siblings soon. hang in there!