Saturday, January 23, 2010

Celebrating Holidays

Holiday season here in Riyadh is just like any ordinary day. You won't see any lanterns hanging on street posts, regular Christmas melodies won't be heard on the radio, the air is devoid of Christmas spirit. For expats like us, it made the holiday season more lonesome. It made us missed home very much.

It's a good thing that we were able to find ways to celebrate the holiday season despite of being forbidden here. Here in our villa, we cooked foods for Christmas, gathered together and even had exchanged gifts. The children got thrilled with special gifts from uncle Santa.

Even though nothing is more fun and satisfying than celebrating the holiday season with families at home, it's good that we have made the event still unforgettable. I'm glad I have experienced my first Christmas and New Year with my husband and new found friends.

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