Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Blues

It's Sunday once again. And this day marks my 31st Sunday without going to church. This is why I couldn't help wishing for a more lenient and open city where freedom from all religions is practiced and allowed. But I know it's highly impossible for this country had existed for decades already, and they kept their system as it is from the start, and consistently too.

Sunday in Riyadh is just like any other weekdays. They have a different calendar here with regards to the working and rest schedules. Thursdays and Fridays are considered to be weekends as analogous to the Saturdays and Sundays of most Christian countries. That's the reason why these two days are considered to be family days. Singles, or more particularly, males without families are not allowed to enter the malls. In these days also, malls are crowded with families as well as single ladies. Most offices and clinics here are also close every Friday.

Every Sunday I can't avoid feeling lonely because I really miss going to church and being blessed by hearing some good news from the minister's sermon. I know that I can always worship God anytime and anywhere, but worshiping as a part of the congregation is much better.

Likewise, much to my dismay, I have eaten dinner all alone just awhile ago. After waiting for my husband all day, now I don't have someone to chat with. Hubby is sound asleep from his long and tiring day, and I don't have a heart to wake him up to dine with me.

Actually, this is my usual Sunday and I'm quite used to it. I just have to remind myself everytime I feel blue that this is a strange country and I just have to bear with them and their culture in order to sanely survive my stay. 


  1. kaya mu yan dear!... good luck! books might help...

  2. mingawa day nimo diha jhown oi.. cge lang... at least kauban nimo c hubby. lahi ra jud bitaw kung makasimba jud ka. pangita na lang ug lingaw diha... hehe!