Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Do or Not To Do

I just read an article today about a guy who had just stepped in the most important crossroads of his life. He just gotten a girl pregnant. The sad thing is that she is not his official girlfriend. Naturally, the guy is confused. Does he have to marry her even if he's not truly in loved with her? or will he just support the baby without marrying its mother? If he choose the second option, he thinks he just have saved the three of them from a lifetime but loveless commitment. So, I guess he's now off for the latter option.

These have bothered me a lot. So what must be done? At least, what's the right way? I believe, it's the right thing to marry the girl and give the baby a name and complete family. But, the biggest dilemma is what if the marriage will not work? What if marrying each other is the last thing that should be done? Is love a skill that can be developed? Or can it be learned? Why did the physical relationship that has lead to conception of the child happen anyway?

As for me, if the couple is not really sure of their feelings, they should not marry. If they have committed a mistake by involving to a physical relationship and betraying the guy's girlfriend, they have left with no choice but to bear the consequences of their actions. But marrying each other for the sake of the baby and no other else is definitely not the answer. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It means when two individuals commit with each other and make it known to the world, there's no turning back. Even, if annulment and divorce are allowed by man, their union is irrevocable in God's presence. If they can be sure that they can give their baby and their future home the love that they deserve, then, they should marry. But if they are uncertain, then, they should refrain from having a loveless home. All they must do is to give the baby the support and the love it needs even with their separate lives.

Its just so sad that it happened. However, it isn't the end of the world for the two of them. Their future definitely lies on the intelligent decision that they will coming up today. I just wish they will choose what's best for all of them.    

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