Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Ysabella!

To my cute and pretty niece, Ysabella, who always has a special place in my heart, Happy 1st birthday! I hope I'm there to celebrate the one year of happiness and blessings we have all experienced since you came into our lives. May you grow to be a God-fearing, family-loving and good person. Enjoy your party!


  1. hi dear .. thanks for dropping ... I will add you bukas na ha ... antok na me talaga dear are my blogs..

    Some Things Are Free
    Woman’s elan vital
    In This Side of Town
    Anything Davao

  2. cute kaau imo pamangkin jhown.. nus-a man mo maghimo ug little ysabella pud ninyo?

    God bless always and Happy Easter!

  3. happy birthday 1st birthday ysabella. my daughter's name is also like yours but spelled with an "i".